Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Love Letter For My Peeps

Well my friends, I've been meaning to stay on the dark side of the holiday scene for this month, just because there is such a wealth of topics to tackle.  The thing is, real life happens to me too.

It's only Wednesday, but it's been a dang tough week.  There's a couple of Peeps in my planet that mean the world to me.  They've both been on rough paths for a while now.

I had high hopes.

I had hoped that somehow, if we all made it through to December, we'd find ourselves, maybe not in a happy place, but at least in a plateau.  I was hoping for a space where we could shed some of the traumas and dramas  for some peace and laughter.  I hoped we would find a place, some magical place between us, where we could, just for a few, let it all disappear.

The hits keep coming.  One wave washes over and ebbs, just as the next one crashes over us.  Sometimes, the moment in the ebb, watching that wave grow and begin to crest, its worse.  Knowing it's coming right for us.

The hardest part?  Their waves are not the same, one crests and washes away, just as the other is catching their breath.

Someone is forever being swept under.

I don't foresee a calm in this ocean of our lives any time too soon.

Fear is ruling everything.  I am no match for it.

Love is a life line, but it is only so much.

I doubt a person can hold love and fear at the same time.

Yes, you two, it's about both of you.  It's about us.

Somehow we make it through this, we three.  Our three generations of different life stuff all colliding.  The slights, the wounds, the arms wrapped round, the tears-joy and pain.  We will wear it well as we walk it through.  And we will.  We will walk this through and one day, there will be an other side, and we'll be standing there, together, we three, looking back, but not watching our backs.

This One's For You, For Us

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