Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sometimes Good is Just Good

Sometimes a holiday doesn't look like what you thought it would look like or what you've been conditioned and taught to believe a holiday should look like,


that doesn't mean it's bad or less.

Maybe your location or setting was different than what you expected or planned.  Maybe the gifts were all wrong or maybe they were too right.  Maybe there were none or maybe it was gift overkill.  Maybe you wanted a casual buffet kind of meal and instead you got a formal sit down with multiple forks and cloth napkins.    Maybe you missed the one Christmas church service you wanted to be at or you missed the single showing of that one holiday movie that just makes the season for you.  Maybe your tradition didn't happen and instead you gave a nod to someone else who meant more to you than the tradition. Maybe you expected crack of dawn excited kids and got sleeping in instead.  Maybe it was a blanket of white snow or the perfect fire that didn't happen.

I could go on and on and on.  You know I could.  You could too.  We all could.  That's how it is.

Holidays are filled with expectations and disappointments.

The point is this though, just because it was different from what you thought it would be, doesn't mean it was something less than good.

"Sometimes good doesn't look like what we've been taught it should look like."

Sometimes good is just that.  Good.

Merry Christmas.

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rufers54 said...

And sometimes sucky is just sucky.