Sunday, January 15, 2012

She's Having A Party!!!

This is more of a PSA than a blog and it's going to hang up here for a week so yeah, cope.

Chicklet turns 21 tomorrow.  She's pretty stinking amazing in my book and I like her a whole heck of a lot.

This weekend in our little burg we have a festival to help us make our way through a long boring winter.  Friday night always caps off with sledding and fireworks at the park near my home.  It's cold and dark and tons of fun.  

After the fireworks we always have a little party at our place.  

This year it's a joint thing.  A party just because parties are fun and a party to celebrate Chicklet's birthday.  

21 is a big deal after all.

Not really any details.  If you've been before, come again.  If you are friends with Chicklet, come wish her birthday blessings.  If she's asked you, you're more than welcome.  If no one asked you, come surprise us.  Not getting asked doesn't mean you're not invited.  It means I'm a lazy hostess.  Get over it.  If you're one of our long lost friends from way back, come back.  It doesn't really matter.  We'd love to see you, share a smile and a drink, make a memory.

Back to the lazy hostess part.  Please bring something to share.  A snack or a treat.  It's mostly a BYOB party too.  I'll have some eats and treats and drinks, but without knowing how many friends we'll be hanging out with or how long or what you all enjoy, I'm leaving it up to you to share your fun with the masses.

Please come and join us on Friday.

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