Monday, July 2, 2012

Life Up Dates

  • There is a story starter that has caused me a glitch for a week now, and it bugs me.
  • Like the rest of the world I have people in the wild fire zone and I'm watching to see what happens.
  • Same with the storm zone in VA.  
  • The Peeps took care of some business this weekend.  There was a birthday.  Hope it was the happiest of days, girl friend.  Pay backs a Peep.  Got ya, friend, got ya!
  • Our lives are clothed in baseball.  With 2 kids in it, we sometimes have as many as 4 practices a week and 3 or more games a week.  Makes me love the new facility more each trip out there and mind a whole lot less every dollar I spend at the concession stand.
  • Our bestie family is making some progress in foster land finally.  We can almost see adoption at the end of the tunnel.  Resolution is too long in coming for this set of kids. 
  • It's summer so appointments abound.  Not fun, but needed, so off we go, appointment after appointment, kid after kid, mile after mile.  
  • Summer projects are happening.  Just look close and you'll see the paint splatters still on my skin.
  • Work books and reading and summer school are going along, even if more slowly than I hoped.
  • Fun is being had in abundance.  One look at our family tans and you'll know.
  • Ice cream for dinner has happened.  It. Was.  Good.
  • Plenty of challenges still come our way, because, well, people are what they are, and they rarely change.  Life is made up of people and our relationships with them.
  • Last years summer was filled with trips, this summer is not, but memories are being made just the same.
So there you have it.  Some life up dates.

What's new with you?

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