Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Variation On The Classic Essay Question

Instead of what did you do this summer, my version for today is what did you learn this summer.

  • Life experiences change a person.  The surrounding people in your life will want you to have not changed or expect that after a space of time you'll return to being "normal" again.
  • On your blog you can write whatever you want and then pay the price.  I can say what I like about whatever I like and others will make it all about themselves and then I will spend hours debating what to do next.  Do I censor my own writing? Do I apologize to all the people who are feeling the rage ripples from something that had nothing to do with them, they just had the pleasure of dealing with it even though they had no clue?
  • All parenting is hard.  Trauma parenting is hard.  No parent fully understands what another does or goes through.
  • "Little League" has more drama from parents who need therapy than little boys with big day dreams.
  • Dogs die.
  • People go to jail.
  • Projects remain unfinished.
  • Hope never gives in.
  • The unholy connections between medical, dental, insurance, sports and school are pure evil and have cost me many hours of my life and dollars that could have been spent on something, anything else.
  • There is little grace and mercy in this life.  I'm sure I give out very little myself.
  • My kids are hard and hard to deal with.  They challenge everyone everywhere.  They wear out their welcome.  A lot.  There are fewer and fewer people who will tolerate them and even less who like them and fewer still who will love them.
  • I write piles of things I can never push publish on and that makes me tired

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