Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Happy Day

Today I shared my birthday day with Mr. Monkey.

I have a friend who is a birthday twin, but this is my first time with a kiddo in my home that shares an actual birthday with me.

It was great and weird and wonderful.

We did a lot of things.

A park date with some of his family.  A treat of our favorite sammies for lunch.  Two new pet toads. Mr.Monkey picked taco night for dinner.  I had beer.  There are flowers.  My favorite perfume.  Well.  My only perfume.  A super fantastic amazing Cars cake.  Thank you Chef Jessie.

It's not the birthday I typically have.  In my pj's having a beer in my living room at 9PM, but it is a wonderful one just the same.

Happy 5th to Mr. Monkey and happy 40 umm yeah to me.

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