Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A few thoughts I had today while raking my yard.

First, The Mr. and I have differing opinions on how to do things, but for everything we apply a rule we have in our marriage.  We call it the "No Kibitzing"  rule.  If one of us does a job, the other cannot complain about how it gets done.

People who own leaf blowers should not be smug about it.  You should not come home from work on your lunch hour, blow all the leaves off your lawn while still in your suit and head back to the office.  Especially not while I'm sweating for hours.

My next house can have no yard and I will be thankful about it.

Kids have no perception of space.  They believe our yard to be way too tiny to be good for anything.  Today, I am quite confident, that our yard is in fact, way, way too large to be appropriate.

I am grateful for this large yard and it's many trees, even if right at this moment, my body is not so thankful.

Even though my body is protesting this yard work, I am grateful that I am able to do the job.

My final thought today is this:  The reason we read books, is so that when we do things, tasks, like raking leaves, that is monotonous  uninteresting, time swallowing, exhausting, we have something to think about instead of thinking about ourselves.

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