Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, Monday

Monday is typically a slightly insane day for me.  I try to sort of catch up a lot of leftover things from the weekend.  I try to get a really good start on my projects, chores and work for the week.  I run errands.

Today, I'm adding to that mix a bit of pre-trip panic.  I have a long list of things to have in order before I head out of town with The Mr.

I want to try out some different blogging while I'm gone, so bear with the glitches and odd posts.

On another note, today is yet another cloudy fall day.  Early this morning there was sun and while I was driving all the kids to their different schools, I saw something I've never seen before.  There was one tiny cloud and the sun was hitting it just right so that it had a single stripe of rainbow in it.  One tiny little cloud with a rainbow stripe right through the middle.

Small delights, folks, don't miss them.

I'm happy to add, we made it through another football season injury free.  Head injury free.  My son has issued his statement this morning saying that he is done and wants to focus completely on baseball.  A mama has never been more thankful.  I am almost giddy to turn in the equipment tonight.

Small miracles, parents, don't take them for granted.

Finally, a huge thank you in advance, to Chicklet and the supporting team.  Yes, it takes a team to deal with all the Littles here in my house.  Chicklet makes my life run smoothly, gives me space to breathe and a more than needed extra set of hands and heart for loving Littles.  Bud, The Drummer and Miss T. are going to cover a few spots here and there while Chicklet concentrates on school--a big priority--and for them and their willingness to be our back up, our extra support, I am very grateful.  Thank you.

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