Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 and 1

Today you get 3 things that bug me in some way or another and other stuff.

First up on things that bug me.  Holiday decorations.

I appreciate that people decorate.  I don't.  I respect that lots of people have taken advantage of the warm fall and gone ahead and put their holiday lights up already.  That's great.  You deserve a gold star.  Now, the part that bugs me.  Please, please, don't flip the switch until after Thanksgiving.  I actually find it depressing to drive home in the evenings right now and see houses with their Christmas lights on.  I still have a few days to pull my stuff together yet before the next holiday--Thanksgiving--remember that one??  The one we skip over now?


Next up.  Radio commercials for laser hair removal.

It's bad enough that these commercials exist.  It's worse that I have to listen to the morning talk show personalities go on and on about their smooth hair free bikini area.  I do not want to think about the radio girl's bikini area--hair free or not.

That is all.

Last up.  Taylor Swift.

Don't get me wrong, the girl comes up with some catchy tunes and I sing along with the radio just like everyone else, but even me, who is generally blissfully unaware, is tired of the break up songs.  I'm also tired of all the people saying well, so many break ups, it must be her.  Probably.  But I was thinking, maybe what she needs is a change.  Maybe Taylor should try some lady love and then come out with a CD of duets, love songs, break up songs or whatever with some ladies like K.D. Lang, Melissa Ethridge and the Indigo Girls.  I'd listen to that.  My other thought on the whole thing is, if you want to do a break up song, fine, good, go for it, but take a lesson from Alanis Morissette.  Put a little fire and venom in that break up song, stop whimpering.

Last up, just another snippet of life around here.

The Mr. while looking at multiple computers not doing what he wants, "Hey you morons!"
Little Miss walking by answers, "what?"

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