Friday, December 14, 2012


And today, people disappoint me.

There was a shooting.  Obviously  The whole world knows and is watching and now, because it's a few hours old, debating.

Or at least that's what we do here, in America, on Facebook.

And yes, I am not better than that.

I entered into one of  those debates.  I thought about the comment all afternoon and could not resist sharing my opinion.  Even knowing it was a dissenting opinion and would get a little conversation going.

Sometimes I lack the self control to just let a thing lie.  Sometimes I feel like there should be a little conversation.  A little back and forth.  A little bit of "devils advocate" if you will, even when it's a highly loaded--gun pun intended--conversation.  Add in the God bit and yes, "devils advocate" indeed.

This tragedy is hours old.

The reality is, there are still parents throwing up trying to grasp the concept their child has been murdered.  The bodies probably aren't even cleaned up yet.  They're evidence after all.

Never mind that they're little people.

Dead little people.

Let's talk about guns.  Let's be smug about how concealed carry is the answer.

Because, don't you know, you foolish naive little twit, that a well trained person with a gun could have killed the killer and prevented the tragedy.

Let's not think about all the people we know going out and learning to shoot and getting guns to carry now that we can.  Let's not think about how many of those people can barely keep their emotions in check to have a quiet conversation about politics or parenting or religion.

We shouldn't at all think about the kids.  We shouldn't think about people.  Because killers aren't people.  They're killers.

Never mind that each time, it's unique.

It's interesting how many have said, well you know, the shooter wasn't a kid, he was 20-something and killed his dad at home.

You'd shoot your own child if you were trained and he was going to shoot you,

wouldn't you??

But now, I've just read he was 20.  Autistic.
Killed his mom at home, in her home, with her own gun.

I'm not so certain this sells me on concealed carry or weapons at home.

It doesn't seem like it worked out well.  She wasn't able to use her gun to stop that killer.  Her son.

Maybe I'm weak or stupid or something.  I can't see how we are "winning" here.

Now, shall we pull out the Christian card?  Some one point out to me the verses that say all that stuff about being ready to kill people on a moments notice.  I seem to over look the verses that say keep that gun on you at the ready at all time, in every moment to wipe out the enemy.

The enemy will surely be so clear that you won't be able to miss or make a mistake.  Be well trained with that weapon so you can kill those enemies.  They won't come disguised as your own child.

I really wonder what we are doing in this life as a people.

And no, I am in no way dismissing that it is beyond tragic that children were killed.  I don't have words for that.

I asked a teacher friend of mine today, does word of this take your breath away, because as a parent, knowing full well my children are really His children, it does mine...

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