Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Blinked

You know what they say, you blink and your babies are grown.

It's happening.

Tomorrow Littlest Mr. turns 11.
A week later, Little Miss turns 7 and Little Mr. turns 15.

I blinked.

I spent the morning with Littlest Mr. today, his last day of being 10.

We went to the outlet mall.

"Mom, I need new kicks and gear for baseball and something boss to wear."

Things are "sweet" now and "boss".

We are somehow long past Thomas the Train and well into Nike Air Flights.

Barney is over and Minecraft is now.

Magic, Pokemon and skateboards are "boss".

We're all done with Raffi and into Tinie Tempah, a sort of British rap. It's actually kind of tranquilizing, in a different way.

I blinked. He grew.

No more happy meals, now it's double bacon cheese burgers, a whole pizza or steaks.

Chuck E. Cheese is done. Going to Miller Park with his best buds to watch a Brewer game is now.

He eats, sleeps and breathes baseball these days. Baseball with a side of Minecraft.

I blinked.

He told me this morning his life formula.

Look good, have style.
Stay athletic and "buff".
Be smart. Be nice.

He's pretty certain if he follows all that, he will end up with a great girl sometimes in high school.

I don't know about the girl part, but I'm pretty certain if he follows that formula, I'll like him a lot.

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