Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Popcorn Post

It's been another busy day.
Heck, they're all busy, who am I kidding?

Today you get some random thoughts that are most likely only connected inside my own mind.

It's going to either be very windy soon or we are going to have a big storm.  How do I know? My tree in the front yard is in bloom and looks amazing. That never lasts more than about 24 hours before nature takes care of it. Then it spends the rest of the summer looking almost dead.

Iced green tea and lemonade, no sweetener, may just in fact be the perfect non-winter drink. I'd say summer, but it isn't summer here and the seasons other than actual winter are a little sketchy. Winter is easy to identify. Freezing cold and shoveling. I find that spring/summer/fall weather is a little interchangeable around here and is sometimes hard to tell the difference between them. Some days you even get to experience what feels like all three in one single day. Ah, the joys of the mid-west.

My daughter, Little Miss, the Diva herself, has decided to wholeheartedly identify with P!nk. I'm pretty certain as the mom I'm supposed to not be OK with that. She is, after all, 6 just going on 7. I'm actually even a little better than OK with her P!nk love. She has lots of favorites, but her two big ones right now are big with me too. She loves Just Give Me A Reason and Try. I gave you links to videos with lyrics, which probably aren't fully accurate, but close enough. Yes. I am fully aware these are boy-girl love song type songs, and yet, if you listen to the words and think about the uniqueness that is our family and all that history that makes my kids just who they are, I think you'll see what I see. And all of this combined, makes me a bigger and bigger P!nk fan by the moment.

I started out this season, where we transition from jeans and hoodies to short sleeves and shorts with a bad attitude. I stress eat. I comfort eat. I eat because I like food and I enjoy cooking. Because I eat and don't spend time working out, I get wider. We will discuss how I spend my time some other post, but let's just say my lack of work out time feels directly tied to the number of kids I parent. Anyway, the sudden change of season sent me to my closet and then into a foul mood. Seems last years clothes were not going to work out that well this year. Add on that a lot of them have been worn for 5 or more years and it was pretty ugly.  At first the shopping for something new was entirely depressing and then I found some clothes that made me smile. In spite of the size ticket, I liked the way they looked on me and the way I felt in them. I decided the size number doesn't get to determine my attitude. I'm active. I'm healthy. I shouldn't have to feel guilty or ashamed about myself because of a number. A number that is completely arbitrary. So I'll decide what my attitude will be, not them, whoever they are anyway.

I really, really wish there was a good salad bar restaurant. Not a gross dirty buffet kind of place because I'm not looking for fried chicken, questionable steak, seafood that might be something else, neon colored gelatin or mayo coated pasta-nothing against mayo pasta salads, all foods have their moments, but something fresh, clean and healthy. Maybe it isn't a salad bar per say. Maybe it's just a menu filled with delicious fresh clean salads. I could easily eat salads for every meal.  Think about it for a moment. Spinach salad with a poached egg and a little hot bacon dressing. Seems like breakfast to me. Just thinking about salads makes me hungry.

I'm mentoring someone or quasi-mentoring. I am wildly unqualified to mentor anyone. As I was talking about it last night, I said, "they should pick someone else, I'm about as nurturing as a dead porcupine". There just isn't anything else to say there.

Enough for now. The once bright sunny day has suddenly become dramatic dark sky. Bye beautiful flowering tree. That beautiful salad desire gives way to reality of The Mr. traveling and a big busy family, who is up for chicken patty sandwiches and mac-n-cheese.

Yup, that's reality in our corner of the world.

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