Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Diva Daughter Turns 7

Today she is 7.

The glasses are part of her fashion sense. 
She is a wild child.
She is a tender heart.
She is mouthy and dramatic and demanding.
She is crazy smart.
She is tough and determined and fierce.
She loves with all her heart.
She is social and flamboyant.
She is a tomboy in ruffles and glitter.
She is her 3 brothers biggest pain in the butt and their most treasured sib.
She is my joy and thorn all at once.
She is beautiful.

I am beyond lucky to be her "second turn" mom, her "heart" mom, her "pink" mom, her "other" mom or whatever-label-she-can-come-up-with mom.  I'm more than good with it.

Today I celebrate with her, but I wonder too.  I wonder if her "first turn" "tummy" "brown" mommy wonders about her.  I wonder if she stops today and says my baby turned 7 today. I wonder if she wonders what she looks like, what she is like, how she is and on and on and on...   I wonder if she ever uses this big Internet to look and try to see...  

If you're looking, if you're wondering, here she is, she is OK.  She is better than OK.  She is AMAZING! She is fabulous. She is all that you could have ever imagined or hoped for her to be and even more.

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