Thursday, July 11, 2013

Almost To The Next Stages

We are in the almost stage around here.

Baseball is almost done. We are down to a few more games and practices for the littlest two, a stray tournament for the middle child and his last game out at Miller Park.

Summer school is almost done. Not that the kids don't have workbooks to work through this summer with mom and not that I won't be harping on their butts to read actual paper books, but the get up at 6-blasted-30 AM to get to class on time summer school is almost done. And hallelujah for that!

We are almost done with all the birthday nonsense.

We are almost to adoption day.

We are almost ready to have some play dates and picnics and fun days. We are almost ready for sleeping in, staying up late and hanging out.

Now don't worry or think we haven't been having our share of pool time and sunburn and fire pit s'mores and mosquito bites. We are.

We are just also looking forward to days with nothing scheduled so we can schedule in things like picnics and day trips, the zoo, friends, family, and fun.

We are almost there.

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