Thursday, September 26, 2013

In spite of my schedules and calendars and well made plans, this week has gotten off track and been highly unproductive in areas where I want and/or should be productive.

Each day has gone a little faster and a little further off the rails.

I can't complain. Not really. Nothing tremendously bad has happened. Nothing even kind of bad has happened.

Lots of annoying, mind wandering, time sucking things have happened. All of them relatively easy to shrug off, even when they come on in multiples.

The thing is when they start to pile up day after day.

When you hit that stretch where you have to check more than once to be sure what day you're on.
Like right now, for example, I just checked in thinking it was Wednesday...

Late in the week like this, when things are all wonky, that's when I get a little off kilter and a little more pessimistic about the future.

We are only 4 weeks into this school year.

4 weeks.

4 weeks and I'm already having one of those weeks where I'm unsure what day it is. I didn't miss a morning appointment today just because the want for breakfast and a shower drove me home before running errands.

These are the days when I look at the clock in the afternoon and am either shocked that it's that late or appalled at all the time gone. These are the days I'm flying late or in a rush to everywhere.

These can be the days where I realize I have had my head down so long I've missed the daylight while running from chore to task to appointment and back again.

These are the days of deception.

On Sunday when I looked ahead at my calendar for the week, I foolishly thought this would be a nice clean week with lots of time to accomplish things. I did not expect to be looking up at 2 in the afternoon on Thursday and thinking it was 10 am on Wednesday.

All is not lost, like I said, it hasn't been a horrible week, just more of week with a fun house feel than I enjoy.

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