Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crazy Life High Lights

Because my life is always crazy and because I know you want to know.

I have an unclaimed black shirt hanging on my fireplace. If it's yours, please claim it soon, otherwise you will have that awkward moment of running into me wearing your clothes.

My 4 kids had 5 dental appointments this week. By the end of the week the dentist will have consumed roughly 6 hours of my time, maybe more if the shark teeth don't come out quick and easy.

I have been to the same stores almost daily this week. I say almost because today, I refuse. Whatever it was I was supposed to get can wait 24 hours. Too many of those stores I made more than one trip in a single day. And yes, I do own note paper and I do make lists.

We are having a mouthwash taste off. On a regular basis the sinks on our main floor now smell minty and invigorating. They're safe from plaque and gingivitis too.

There was an American Girl Doll Massacre here. In my bed. The four legged drooling culprit is not feeling guilty at all. I got to have my very own Halloween experience out of it too.

After cleaning up the body parts, I learned there was a doll hospital and our dolly could live again and not just as a zombie. All I have to do is fill out a long form, send in all the pieces and lots of cash.

Fast forward. It's a dark and stormy night, the wind is shaking the garage door and I'm in the dimly lit garage, sticking my hand into a trash bag to pull out mangled doll legs.

It completely creeped me out. I came in with the legs and that crawly skin feeling. Now I have a disemboweled and dismembered doll in a zipper bag on my kitchen counter.

That's pretty damn creepy too.

I plan out our meals a month at a time. Somehow, in spite of that, we have had 2 nearly identical meals in 5 days and 2 of the other 3 had roughly the same ingredients in them. I'm now officially sick of eating the same meal.

Yet another skateboard came in the mail, along with another pile of how to parent that child books.

Fall has given my kids the crazies and my dog the munchies. One kid showered my entire bathroom while the other forgot how to turn water off. None of them seem to be familiar with off switches for lights or other electronics. One has been wandering in the night. The dog, along with enjoying her American Girl Doll appetizer, has eaten the hair trap from the shower, untold pairs of undies, some puzzle pieces and protected us from leaves, wind, and one of my kids in the lower level shower.

Guess you shouldn't sing in there son.

It's been a weird week. Dark and cold and rainy and way too long already. It's been a whole week of Mondays and forgotten lunchboxes and changed schedules and repeat meals.

So there you have it, the crazy from our corner of the world.

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