Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Am That Person

Can I just tell you?

I am that person.

I am the person that spends two days making lists and charts and schedules and then after two months isn't using them at all.

I am the person that picks out new recipes and makes the same old stuff dinner after dinner.

I am the person that says we should watch that movie or show or go do that thing and then never quite gets around to it.

I am the person that does the laundry, folds it and never manages to get it all back into it's drawers.

I have baby blankets half sewn and wedding gifts half made for kids that are in high school and friends that have been married a decade or more. Don't worry, I bought them gifts.

I forget to make appointments and phone calls.

I forget about the forms or worse I fill them in, set them down and then they disappear.

I am the person that has a forgotten load in the washer most of the time.

I am the person that forgets to get their mail from the mailbox a couple of times a week.

I do start a conversation in the middle thinking I already told you all kinds of things because I thought it in my mind and my mind is all cluttered up.

I am the person that finishes the drafts but not the edits.

I write the outlines and don't end up using them.

I take the photos and forget to print them.

I do mean to call and have lunch and coffee and drinks and such and I do want to, I just don't seem to get to it.

I am the person that makes multiple trips to the same store on a single day, like today for example.

I am the person that wonders where everyone else seemingly gets their free time from. My kids go off to school for the day and suddenly  my day is all filled up with errands and chores and appointments and I still never really get caught up or get to my list of things I want to be working on, like the words. I wonder how everyone does it.

I am that person.

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