Friday, January 10, 2014

So I Made A Deal...

It seems like it was only a few days ago that I got brave enough to admit that I write.  Or try to.

Not long after that NaNoWriMo was introduced to me.

Then I was talking to real live people about writing.

Suddenly I wasn't writing invisible any more.

People read the blog. They commented.

Friends began to work writing into conversations, asking after my progress, encouraging me to keep at it.

Lulls happened.

My skin got a little thicker. I got a little braver or maybe a little more used to talking about writing.

I started to come to grips with the idea people read what I write and don't hate it.

Other people did the WriMo with me.

I started playing with the idea of letting other people read those WriMo drafts.

I gave out little bits, tid bits. I took them back.

Sometimes baby steps feel like cliff jumping.

Today I handed over a whole 50,000+ word draft from one of my successful WriMo years to a real live friend to read it.

Read it and comment on it.

Talk about cliff diving.

It's the logical next step.

The baby steps have made the step I took today seem not so bad.

Progress is progress, even if it took me next to forever to take my mental baby steps.

I have a challenge to do some writing this week, so get ready, the blog is back in business.

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