Friday, March 10, 2017


For many many years, this has been my home away from home for my mind and my voice.  I've often needed a place to think out loud or get something off my head or heart. I believed that there were those of you out there that benefited from my words, my feelings, my observations, and the lessons I learned hard. I believed that the weird quirky episodes of my day to day life would bring to you the same joy and humor that they brought to me.

Maybe they did. Maybe not.

I got quiet for a million different reasons.

Some said come back. Some asked where I went. Some didn't notice.

For a while, I didn't notice either and took the time away almost as a needed break. Maybe it was.

I know that I write for me. I know that it's a good thing for my head and my heart. It sorts my thoughts. It lets me share my opinions. It leaves a legacy of sorts to my kids, when one day far from now, they wonder what I was besides what they remember as their ever exhausted and screaming mom. I hope they find something of value here in the crumbs of phrases. I hope they find a different picture of the world they lived in and were growing up in. The world they will remember through the best eyes, the eyes of a child.

Time will show us both how often I come back here and share, but I have finally come back to a place where I have more moments than not of life that I think to myself, that's one to write down.

Maybe it's just the state of our country right now, or the state of my family.  Maybe it's my age. Somehow this running record of my life is necessary again.

So it begins again.

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