Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Wishes

It is the holiday break. I'm afraid the days are going by more quickly than I had hoped. I thought I'd have free minutes here and there to drop in and leave a thought, but I haven't.

The Mr. is home on holiday this week and that alone takes up most of my attention. In a good way. I am thankful for long conversations and hot pots of coffee. I love an evening spent in front of the fire or playing a game.

The Little Mr's are also on break. Another source of spent time. There have been fuse beads to melt, gifts to finish making, and toys to be played with. Then there's Stratego, Narnia style. Lots of rounds of that.

Around here the celebrations continue until the the 1st. We have two more big gatherings. One here at our home. It means a bit of cooking and cleaning. I still have gifts to wrap. There are plants to be saved from the light saber attacks inflicted upon them.

There are some big thoughts to come. Right now, they will have to sit as drafts until I have more than a spare moment to form them into something that makes some sort of sense.

Here's wishing that all of you had a very Merry Christmas and will have a blessed new year.


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