Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Welcome to 2007

I really did plan to be here writing during the holiday break, but the Little Mr.'s still consumed most of my time. Then there was all the extra holiday stuff to do. Now that it's January and we're back to the regular program, I'll try to give a brief highlight.

As a little family, we had a rather nice quiet Christmas. Generally good fun all around. The Mr. took the week off, so there were extra afternoons in front of the fireplace and many extra board games with the Little Mr.'s. We did have a Christmas Brunch party with extended family. For me there were two highlights. The first highlight was doing short order with my dad. We made eggs to order, side by side at the stove. It was quite fun, and I think we got all the orders right. We came in under 3 dozen too! The other highlight was the older Mr. walking around the house declaring to anyone who would listen that this was a perfect party because everyone was happy.

We had other excitements over the holiday too. There was vomit. Dog and child. I'm sure it was a mom that invented the mini carpet shampoo-er. A great invention. There were projects with glitter glue. Need I say more? I finally beat the older Mr. at Stratego last night. He's pretty good for 8. There were newspapers and books, coffee and quiet times too.

We traveled twice. Once to Madison and once to Racine/Kenosha. Both for holiday fun. Twice was plenty, even though we had lots of fun.

Now, we're trying to return to the regularly scheduled life. Ha, Ha. There is nothing regular over here in this house. But we are back at it none the less. There are small joys in the long stretches of insanity.

I'll return to the regularly scheduled blog pretty soon too. I just need to collect my thoughts up from where ever I left them...


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