Thursday, December 21, 2006

Not Quite The Night Before Christmas

Trying to steal a minute to write around here these days is like trying to gift wrap a live frog.

Thankfully, that is not on my list of things left to do before the holiday. There will be frogs, but not until later. They are tadpoles first, don't you know.

Here at home, the tree is up and decorated. It has been since mid-November. Ahh, the fresh scent of plastic. I mean, the convenience of an artificial tree. It really is convenient. The Mr. put it up while I was away at a conference. The Little Mr.'s gleefully decorated.

The decorating has continued. Almost everyday they have taken off all the ornaments they can reach and rehung them. Sometimes they play "Grinch" and steal Christmas. I always make them bring it back.

Our house is a classic two story colonial and so we have done the classic decorating. Candles in the windows. Nothing else needed. Besides, where I live, most of the neighbors do enough decorating for all of us. We live pretty close to a small airport. Maybe this is extra protection. I'm quite sure it can be seen from the sky. Maybe we'll be mistaken for a runway.

Some of our neighbors have those inflatable things. Down the block a bit is a Santa that towers above the ranch house it sits in front of. Mostly these blow-ups just bug me. They really disturb my dog. I did see a really cute polar bear though.

The little Mr.'s are feeling the holiday craze. There are a million questions all day everyday. The littlest Mr. has the most questions for me this year. Why doesn't Santa just come in the door? It's weird that he goes into the chimney, mom. What does he use reindeer for? Can't he drive a car? And my personal favorite, What kind of presents did you get me? My response...Christmas presents! No, no, mom, what kind of Christmas presents? The wrapped kind. No, no, mom. What kind? Like are they toys?

He's persistent for only being 4. The older Mr. is wondering this year. Is Santa really real mom? We pulled out Polar Express, lit a fire and cuddled up on the sofa. There haven't been too many more questions. He's pretty sure all you have to do is believe. He's also decided that maybe the Grinch wasn't all bad, and maybe it wasn't all his fault that he was behaving so bad. Maybe it's hard to be good and nice when people are being mean to you. After all, it wasn't his fault he was green and hairy, right?

One last Bible study this morning before the real holiday break begins around here. Two more school days to squeeze in. I'm sure we'll at least get to our science lessons. It's worm dissection week. The Little Mr.'s love this. We will finish up with Old Yeller too, I bet. So very sad, but so good.

So, with that, I'm off to make more coffee. These Thursday morning ladies like their cup-o-joe.

Merry Almost Christmas!

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