Monday, December 18, 2006

Welcome Home

Open the door and come on in. Take off your coat. Stay awhile. Pull up a chair in front of the fire. Let's catch up.

Here you'll find a little glimpse into my life and my thoughts. It's a spot to find out what the family is up to these days. Maybe even leave us a note. It's a place where I'll share some of my thoughts about life as it happens to me.

So how is life around here you wonder? What is the family up to?

Life around here moves pretty slow in comparison to the rest of the world, and yet to me, it feels pretty fast. We're on a bit of a schedule break right now. Swim lessons are over. Soccer is over. Art class, done. Phy. Ed., finished. Small group, on hold for the holiday. Bible study, just one left. Awana, one last meeting. Then everything goes on break. Even the Mr. takes a break from the office.

Looks like we'll be having a week to ourselves. How will we spend it? We'll sleep in, only the Mr and I. The Little Mr.'s don't sleep in. Read. Play board games. Sit in front of the fire. Read some more. Play video games. Watch a movie. Talk.

Life in our house really does look like that. Even during the regular season. We talk a lot. We read even more.

And what do we talk about? It depends. Right now the hot topic in our house involves relationships. People are lonely. It is common in our culture. People say they want something more, something deeper. So how does one get a deeper relationship? Effort. Time. Pain. Yep. That's all it takes. Pretty easy to see why no one's willing to do this. I think there's one more thing. I think you have to have a real relationship with the Lord before you can have any real relationships with mere mortals.

When you come to the bottom of all you are or thought you were. When you take just the little shreds that are left and lay them down at the Cross, that's when relationship starts. To know that you are unconditionally loved by the Father and forgiven, then you begin a relationship with Him. Once you learn to feel His love, hear His call and follow His direction, people are easy.

Now, if you don't live in this world of saved and forgiven, you just plain think I'm crazy. Perhaps I am, but since I've gone there, it's easy to build real relationships with people. The hurts are far fewer and easily forgotten. Grace and mercy come easily. Love is abundant to freely give.

The people problem, the big relationship issue is that it takes work. We aren't a people that believes in work anymore. For anything. Everything should be easy, cheap, fast and make you feel good.

That's what I think.


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