Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not For The Faint Of Heart

The last two days have been hard work!

We've had a little dispute over returned phone calls. My mommy bear thing happened. In about 10 minutes I was able to resolve the prescription issue for our foster baby that the pharmacy had spent the last 24 hours working on.

The Little Mr. was in rare form yesterday. He wasn't able to tell me or perhaps didn't even understand for himself just what was going on. So he acted out. It's hard to have your dad away on business, be the big brother in a kind way, get a new foster sibling, and help mom with extra chores around the house. And on top of all that, do school. Something had to give.

The Littlest Mr. was OK with things I thought. Then there was bedtime tonight. He curled in a ball next to me and got teary.
Mama? he said.
I want to sleep in a cradle.
You can't sweetie, you're big now.
I want to drink milky out of one of those funny cups like a baby.
You can't, you're big now.

A few more tears.

But I want to be a baby, Mama.
But you're big now. Besides, babies don't have things like Lego's and Play Station. They sleep with just their blanket, no lovies.
I don't want that stuff Mama. I just want to be a baby.
Babies can't climb into their Mama's bed at night like you can.

Silence. Tears.

Did you know that God has given Mama's something very special?
God gives Mama's extra big hearts.
So that we always have enough love to go around. I have enough love in my heart for you and your brother and your Papa and all the extra foster kids that God sends to us.

With that, he was sleeping soundly.

Sometimes the hard work of foster care is in your own kids.

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