Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Peace, Magic and Books

Baby girl is keeping us busy. She is mostly keeping me tired. I had forgotten how little they sleep at night while teething. Thankfully, the tooth is almost through and thankfully she slept through the night last night.

We were finally able to figure out most of her baby issues. She likes to be wrapped up tight, be warm, be full, be dry and in total darkness. We also figured out the correct amount of Tylenol. Too little is not enough.

She had one last night cap around 10:45 and was out until about 7:45 this morning.


Now, if I could just convince her she loves her medicine...

Life is good around here. We had a wonderful date on Saturday night. Typical for us. Dinner and a book store. Complete with coffee and a bag of books to take home. I got some great reads at bargain prices. The Mr. got some newer books.

I forgot what the big book stores are like. The selection left a lot to be desired. All through out the store were displays of the same books. Lots of book covers that made me thankful that the Little Mr.'s weren't along for the trip. Sometimes you forget how little people think about life and their world.

There is still plenty of drama in reference to past posts. I wish it were something I could make some sense of and something I could post about without it being gossip. But I won't go there. I'll keep it where it belongs. Directly with the people involved and at the cross. He'll know what to do and make my path straight.

We've changed tactics on school yet again. Bordering on unschool. Something I need to research. Maybe we're just loose unit studies people. Either way, there is peace in the house and all is well.

The "problem" if you have to label it that way is really that The Little Mr. is a creative soul like his mother. He just wants to create art, play music and write movies all day long. And so he shall, to a degree. I don't want to squash that part of him just so that he can complete calculus and chemistry when he's 17. He'll get to where he needs to be in his own way and his own time. My job is to help him and pray for him.

We'll be busy forging a new path at this house. Between school changes and Baby Girl, life just looks and feels different. She is pure magic in this house. And peace has arrived with the pressure off of our school days. Finally.

Wonder what was keeping me so pig headed and stubborn about school and this child? Was it American culture? The standards of the home school community? Something to think on for later.


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