Monday, January 8, 2007

Sleep..Or Not To Sleep

That was the question last night as we tucked in two tiny babies.

Twins, that is. They are now both here.

Lucky for me, it was a good night. They were in bed at a reasonable hour, were awake for diapers and food between 2 and 3, but then back to bed until 5:3o. For newborns, perfectly delightful.

This morning was a bit more crazy. I was still feeding and changing when I was to be making coffee and eggs. The Mr. is very hands on though. He was walking the floor with babies in arms. It was a sight to see.

After a while it all settled in. I even got a shower and a few minutes here. Next we're off to the pharmacy to get the medicine they didn't have last night. That should be a trip to remember. I'm hoping we can take full advantage of the drive through!


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