Saturday, January 20, 2007

Winter in Wisconsin

I really wish I could post here this morning and tell you that all the drama of my life faded into the sunset yesterday and life was calm.

Reality was a little different.

It was sort of like life exploded yesterday. There is far to much to think through to begin to share. So I won't. Instead I'll tell you about my night.

We had our kids and the neighbor kids for a fun night. First we played at home. Then we bundled up.

This weekend is the Janboree in our city. There is a large selection of winter fun. Ice sculpting, dog pulls, talent shows, sledding, lots of sledding and fireworks.

How much better could it be.

We went sledding.
I went sledding.
Airborne really.
It was quite exhilarating.
A sweet little girl and I climbed onto The Littlest Mr.'s new sled and started down the hill. A very steep hill. Then we got to the bump. Over and down farther. All the while gathering speed. Another large bump. Flying. Finally skidding across the school playground to a stop. If our sled had been metal, there would have been sparks.

Baby, can I feel it this morning.

And fireworks.

My favorite thing. And nothing better than seeing them shot off into the black sky of a Wisconsin winter night.

It was perfection.

A few more trips down the hill and we called it a night. More fun at our house and then everyone off to bed.

Winter can be marvelous.

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