Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Big God

Our God is So Big

Bigger than I know what to do with.

It was an awful Monday morning with the boys. Just about the time I'm trying to find a circus to sell them to I get a note from a friend.

In her note she told me how God used my kid to bless her this weekend.

My kid?

The one I was just ready to kick to the curb?


That one.

If that isn't humbling enough. He provides.

When we decided to become a foster family, we had no stuff. Baby stuff that is. We were "done" with babies and had given all our stuff away.

We've had 3 babies since January and been abundantly blessed.

Borrowed stuff--clothes, pack-n-plays, car seats, toys, bath tubs

Donated--2 cribs, one mattress, swing, walker, changing table, high chair, half a dozen large bags of baby clothes, blankets, sheets, toys, bath tub

Resale--that was almost free--2 car seats, portable high chair, bunk beds, dresser

It's humbling to be sure.

Our needs are met an then some.

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