Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chicken Soup and Basketball

Finally a lull. This has been a week running at break neck speeds. I don't really enjoy weeks like this. Every day has felt like I'm just barely keeping my head above the water.

In truth, it hasn't been that bad. No worse than any other week and in some areas really much better.

We haven't had the school battles this week. But I think I'm coming to a new place on school.

I'm realizing just how young the Little Mr. really is. And how young we got him started. He was so eager then, and we let him go far and fast. Then we pushed him to keep going at that pace and with the same sort of accomplishments. Now I think that may have been wrong.

Driving home from yet another swim lesson, I came to realize that by public school standards he really could be one grade lower than where we have him. Something to really think about and pray over.

The Mr. and I are about to take the plunge and do the membership class for our little church. Scary. Simply because it changes other people's expectations. Sad to say, it doesn't change mine.

The lull ends.

The baby cries.

Dinner needs to be finished.

On tap tonight?
Chicken soup and basketball games.

It's the season, you know.

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