Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is It Really Spring?

Ok, I'm a week behind. Again.

It's spring! It's winter! It's summer! It's winter. Again.

The Littlest Mr. is confused to say the least. When you are four and trying very hard to learn seasons and what order they go in, Wisconsin is not the best place to be. So far since February we had typical winter weather, then some spring, then a stretch that was summer like, then a cold spring-ish spurt and now...flat out winter. Snow. Snow plows even.

City snow plows after Easter. Disturbing.

We had a crazy week last week. No different from any other really.

We spent our holiday weekend in the Dells at a wonderful, amazing water park. The whole thing was way more fun than I ever expected.

I did not have high expectations. Four adults and 8 kids from 10 months up to 17. It did not seem like a sane thing to do.

It was, however, outstanding.

More later, kids calling.

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