Monday, April 16, 2007

Thank You, My Friend

Relationships are so brutally messy. And yet, to remain sane human beings we must have them.

To be Christians we must be in them. It's how we help another to see and feel what it is to be a Christian.

But I do it badly.

I thrive on relationships. I love the intensity of building and maintaining relationships. I love to see people stretch and grow. I love it when they stretch me.

But I do it badly.

My heart gets ahead of me. I invest deeply. I feel for people so intensely I often do it all wrong. I make a messy relationship even more messy. Often.

Lots of you who read here have been in the messy parts with me. If you're still reading here, you've survived being my friend and stayed with me through my insanity.

I know, rambling and vague today. Some days are like that in my brain. Maybe it's lack of sleep. The Little Miss has decided she will only sleep through the night on the weekend when The Mr. takes the night shift. On Sunday night when we switch shifts, it's like flipping a switch. She goes back to sleep fitfully, sometimes only an hour at a time.

Nothing new here unfortunately. I had the parenting experience of sleep loss for 6 years. That's how long it was before kids were sleeping through the night in my house. That 7th year of parenting was good. I was so well rested!!!

Anyway. If you've made it this far with me in my life, may the Lord bless you richly. You deserve it. I'm not easy, that's for sure, but also know, that your persistence, your grace, your mercy, your love have blessed me. Richly.

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Jen said...

Oh yeah, I've definately stepped in in today.

What a mess.