Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A List And A Prayer

Sometimes a list is good. Sometimes it helps you sort something out. Sometimes it just plain overwhelms you.

My lists are of the later sort these days.

Sometimes you just get to feeling attacked. That's going on around here.

I'm in lots of groups of people, for lots of different reasons. I'm having trouble in most of them right now. Drama and confrontation. Not a pleasure to me. I love intensity, but not this kind. It makes my stomach hurt. Three days of tummy ache is three too many in my world. I see no easy or quick end either. So I will endure. And eat bland.

In the last 48 hours we have also had dental appointments. You already know that I'm living in dental purgatory. The Little Miss had a visit. Stress city for me. I'm not sure I'll ever adjust, the Mr. says if I do, it's time to quit. When you no longer cry over these little ones, you need to get out. We've had tummy trouble of both sorts with one of the Little Mr.'s, the 3:AM kind. I was so thankful he made it to the bathroom in time.

I hate laundry. But I especially hate it at 3:AM.

Our garage door broke last night, trapping our cars inside. The email service The Mr. uses went down. Makes it a little hard to work from home. My wedding band--I'm not sure what number this one was--broke into pieces this morning when I washed my hair. The Little Miss got up for the day at 5:AM.

None of these are fatal or tragic. They are irritating, like sand between your toes inside your socks inside your tennis shoes on a humid day in August. You know right away there's going to be a blister.

When they all pile up you start to believe you are being attacked.

So pray with me friends. For a hedge around my little family. Pray that we would quickly and clearly hear the directions from the Lord so that we might obey without delay. I'm crying out, Here I am Lord. Help me quiet my heart so I can hear You. I want to serve You, I long to obey You. I want to do what you would have me do. Take the clouds of confusion from my eyes so that I would know where to place my feet on the path that I know you will make straight for me, even though I do not understand.

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