Friday, May 11, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, it's been a normal week around here. So what does that mean? It was a crazed whirl-wind of unexpected and planned chaos.

And we love every second of it.

We had the Littlest Mr. face plant out of a tree. We spent that night suspicious of a tiny little concussion. I'm also seeing it's the start of a long season of band-aids. I've never seen little arms and legs so scraped up, and we've not even gotten to the official start of summer.

We had a little in home photo shoot for the Little Miss. It worked out so perfectly. I had plenty of great shots to pick from--thanks Teresa! Also had the pics in time to get them into a frame for her visit with her mom. A little early Mother's Day gift as they don't visit on the weekends.

We've had lots of play dates, piano lessons, swim lessons, and a Bible study. Our wild life has made the full transition from tads to frogs. Three of the seven made it and seem to be thriving. We also have a nice crop of sea monkeys, a gold fish in a very murky tank and a lone laze hound dog. The Little Mr.'s have also begun the season of collecting. You know, worms, ants, butterflies, moths, June bugs, and anything else that mom says--Oh!!

Here's a little icky trick for you homeschooling and home study wanna-be's...catch the critters in some container or even a plastic zipper bag, then toss them in the freezer. Why? They die perfectly intact. Excellent for looking at with the magnifier or microscope. Thanks for the tip, Auntie Tricia.

Somehow the Mr. and I managed to squeeze in an unplanned date last night. We sat outside a coffee shop here in town, looking over a parking lot and thinking it was peaceful. Strange. It actually was very peaceful. For a parking lot it was quiet. Compared to the inside of the coffee shop, it was very quiet. Maybe it was just the lack of kids that made it seem so quiet!!

I've finally gotten some insight and some peace on a few things. Our school year is winding down. Our daily life pattern is settling in. Some fun social stuff is on the horizon. The weather has mostly turned for the good now. It's a blissfully perfect sort of life.

Soon I'll be rummaging, shopping the home school used sales, planting my plants and sitting in the sunshine with a book. Ah.

Go check out Potter and Clay. Welcome her to the blog world and wish her a late Happy Birthday.

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