Monday, May 14, 2007

Mohawks, Math and Mommies

Mother's Day. Not a particularly important date to me, even though I'm a mom. It seems kind of silly to me.

I confess, I don't like people looking at me. I don't like to be noticed. I'd rather just be in the background of life. Contributing and doing, but no applause for this chick.

It was a pleasant day. I was given a bird bath by my kids. Perfect. Next it will be feeders. I hate to admit it, but I like to sit in my back yard and watch the birds, coffee on the table, book in hand, dog by my side. It's utterly peaceful. The Mr. says it's because I'm an old soul. He also says it's OK that I'm an old soul, because it's still in a high school body.

I did spend part of my day thinking about what it would be like to be the Little Miss's mom. This would be her first Mother's Day. And I have her only child. Strangers deemed her not worthy to have her and care for her. It had to have been bittersweet at best.

We made sure to have a portrait of Little Miss taken, framed and delivered for Mother's Day.

Well, our school year is almost over. We're heading out to yet another book sale today. It's funny though, with home school, it really never ends. You put away the workbooks and assignment notebooks, but the learning never stops. The Little Mr. was outside doing math on the sidewalk in his pj's at 6:30 AM. You just can't squash them or stop them.

Both the Little Mr.'s are sporting new do's. It's Mohawk's this summer. After the cuts were done, I was informed that I was the coolest mom on the block because of it. Quite a compliment from an 8 year old boy.

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