Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Autism In My Life

Today I have a link for you. About Autism. Doctors are starting to pay a lot more attention to it, trying to figure it out, and trying to treat it.

This is a good story, although a rather incomplete picture of Autism. Almost all reports are an incomplete picture though. Autism seems to be one of those things that is really hard to get a total picture of.

The story talks about early detection. That is key. We know over here. We had one labeled at 6 and one at 2. Our youngest made a much better recovery, quicker and easier. The Little Mr. will always have some quirks that his daddy and I will see and give that little knowing nod to each other.

The glitch with this story is that not all Autism is the same. It can't all be recognized by 12 months. In my experience there is Autism that you are born with and can do some to improve, and then there is Autism that builds up in a child. That second brand of Autism is our experience. A combination of metal toxicity in the brain, a digestive system in failure, and a compromised immune system. When you start to take care of those "problems" a lot of the Autism symptoms go away.

So, in my experience, not all Autism is the same. To this day, I'm not even really sure if our Little Mr.'s were/are Autistic. They sure displayed all the symptoms, but as we detoxed metals, repaired digestive systems and watched their immune systems start working correctly again, we saw a lot of our Autism go away.

Every single child with Autism is different. Even within the same families. It is often a hidden disorder. That child in the store throwing a tantrum way too dramatic for his age...could be Autism related. The child that will only eat pizza, chocolate milk and french fries...could be Autistic. The child that reads and does basic math at age 4 but can't sit for circle time in preschool...could be Autistic.

There are so many different symptoms, no two children are Autistic the same. Have a little grace for families. You never know which kids it is. No one ever knows it's my two Mr.'s unless we say, my kids are Autistic, what's your excuse for your behavior.

Go read the article. It doesn't tell you much, but the more we know about Autism, the more kids we can bring out of it.


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