Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How Many Trips Will We Make This Summer?

I am beginning to believe this will be the summer of ER trips.

As I've been watching The Little Mr.'s playing, I'm getting nervous. We've already gone through one box of the jumbo size bandages. You know the size, it could cover a small child's whole face.

We've climbed trees. And fallen out. We've crashed. On bikes and scooters. We've used the hop-a-roo toys as weapons. Sticks are the most popular toy.

That all adds up to splinters in abundance, massive scrapes, large doses of road rash, bumps, bruises and black eyes. We've also experienced dehydration several times and exhaustion to the point of falling asleep in our dinner plate. No small feet for someone almost 5!

All said, they're boys. Great boys at that, but boys none the less. I fully expect that we'll experience stitches and casts this summer. I'm just hoping they don't know us on sight at the ER by September.

I'm happy to report the birds are getting used to the bird bath. They still prefer the water that collects in the top of the sand box cover, but lately that's been dried up. I've had some rather fat robins visit and a large dove. There have been some other tiny little birds, rather plain, but sprightly. I think I need a bird book this week at the library.

Ah, summer weather and a stack of library books. I can hardly wait to make some tea and pick up my pile of reserves.

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