Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's the middle of June and I'm just about half way through my reading project for this year. I'm feeling pretty good about being on track.

My big goal is to read the Bible cover to cover this year. It shouldn't be that hard. I read hundreds of pages a year without any issue year after year. And yet it is hard.

Just like other hard things, it's worth it. I'm enjoying it. It gives you a new look at something you think you know.

Another busy summer day around here. For a change all the kids were at the neighbors house. Know what great toy she had for them? It wasn't sticks and dirt, although later it involved mud. You guessed hose. The perfect summer toy. Turn on the water and walk away. You've just unleashed hours of fun.

Now, of course you have to be OK with the whole wasting precious water, destruction of the planet, expense, etc. But that line of thought follows just about everything in our daily American lives. There aren't too many things to do that I can think of that don't have some sort of negative impact on our precious planet.

Something to think on.

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