Monday, June 11, 2007

Note To Self

What seems insane to a mom is really just normal kid play.

Case in point. My front yard at this very moment. One good climbing tree, one wagon, 6 kids and some really impressive imaginations. To just listen, it sounds awful. So much whine, arguing, negotiating, manipulating and grand standing. But at the same time, they're all having a great time. No one is really upset, or even getting bothered. It's just the way kids learn to be with each other. To cooperate. To collaborate.

They're playing zoo. One kid pulls the wagon. One rides. The puller narrates the zoo tour. The other kids are the animals. Quite amazing. And this is day two of this game. Hard to believe it, but entirely true.

It's really all because of The Mr. He cleaned the garage this weekend. The Mr. declared to me that there is nothing so gratifying to a man as a clean garage after a long winter. I countered that perhaps a clean basement could rival this awesome feeling. He just chortled. In the back of this dirty winter garage was our wonderful wagon. Buried under stuff pretty much from the day we moved in. After two years, it's really good to have it out and see it getting it's day in the sun.

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