Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update

In spite of spending most of the night awake with The Little Miss, I'm in a really good mood. It is a wonderful thing in my world to wake up a little sunburned with a few sore muscles looking back over the weekend and realizing I did some 'work' things and some fun things. The work things are what left me sore. Carpet spots. I really hate carpet. Or at least I hate carpet with kids and pets. My ideal family home would have all hard floors. No carpets. Not even in the bedrooms. It just gets too nasty too quickly and no one really has the time or money to keep it clean the way you should. You just end up with a house full of nasty carpet.

The sunburn came from the fun stuff. I sat on my deck in the sun with a stack of books. That was my fun. It was peaceful and perfect. The kids came and went. I saw the baby bunny. I finished one book. It was delightful.

Looking ahead to the weather forecast, I'm seeing more days like that ahead. This is my favorite kind of weather. Clear, sunny skies, light breeze and mild temperatures. Warm enough for the summer clothes, but not so hot that you need to shower after sitting outside.

Today's paper had two alarming headlines. A shooting that killed 6 and wounded a toddler. Always frightening and sad, but the worst part, was that the neighborhood ignored the whole thing. Everyone interviewed said they heard the shots, but didn't do anything about it because it was either kids with fireworks or a shooting, but that sort of thing happens all the time around here. Nice attitude. I think I'd rather have nosey neighbors who called the cops and were wrong.

The second headline was about foster care. The number of foster families in our local area--not my county, but the county I take kids from--has dropped from 2800 to less than 600. It's a somewhat interesting article that pokes at a few of the issues. This is really a nation wide issue.

I've seen so many conflicting reports about the state of the American family, that it's not funny. Some say it's all down hill from here, some say it's exactly the same as it was. I have my thoughts on kids and families, but I've run out of time for today. Plus I have some kids to take care of right here.

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