Monday, July 23, 2007

Batter Up, Hair Off

We had tons of fun at last night's baseball game and our team won. The Mr. unfortunately missed about half the game taking The Little Mr.'s to the bathroom. No Barry Bonds, but still a great game to be at.

Today I'm doing the big hair cut. It's time. Really. It's gotten long enough to give me a head ache. I've gotten a gift card to a salon and they do the hair donation thing, so off I go this afternoon. I'm hoping for something short and girly but easy enough for my crazy life.

The floors should be dry now, so I have to go bring in all my chairs off the deck. When The Little Miss is away, it's a good time to mop. Not that it makes much difference with boys and dogs, it will be icky again by bedtime, but I'll know I've made the effort and at least one layer of the ick is off.

More baseball tomorrow in this vacation week.

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