Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Up, It's Up, It's Outta Here Folks!!

It seems I neglected to mention that the Little Mr.'s got a chance to run the bases at Miller Park on Sunday. It was quite the day, I may have just plain forgotten, but it was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience for them.

Yesterday, after a very busy morning, we made the trip to the Mad City to see some minor league ball. Another memorable day to be sure. We ended up playing in the park for a while before we tailgated. The boys are loving the eat in the parking lot routine. I should also mention here, lest you think our car trips are anything unlike yours, we did stop multiple times between our house and the park. That means that a car trip that should have taken about an hour was much longer! The kids were filthy dirty before we even made it into the game, thanks to the park having a few ball diamonds for them to play on before the game started.

Once inside the park, we went looking for our seats. We knew that they were going to be pretty good seats, but we had no idea how good they really were. There was no one in front or behind us. When we stretched out our legs, we were touching the fence right behind the on deck circle of the opposing team. The kids could almost touch the game. They were able to effectively use their Mallard Quacker Lips to heckle the other team.

These prime seats, a steal at only $10 each, also came complete with a waitress! Know what that means? It means you never have to wait in line for a drink or a snack. A huge bonus with kids. And did I mention this was for the low, low price of just $10 a seat?? Not that Miller Park isn't great fun, but this is a deal with a capital D, folks.

Today is a little day off, ha, ha. It's really a chance to restock the fridge and snack bag before the next set of games. It's also a chance to do some laundry. Stadium snacks and ball diamond dust. Let's just say, even the sheets need a wash around here. Plus, oh happy day, I have to get the guest room ready. K's on her way from the big state of Texas for a visit. It's been two and half years too long, and I'm really excited!!

More baseball stories to come...

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