Monday, July 9, 2007

What is it about us Americans and grass?

We are so stupidly obsessed with a green lawn rolling out in front of our houses. Don't we have ANYTHING else to do? ANYTHING?

And why can't we figure it all out? It seems incredibly simple to me. I admit, I am just a simple minded woman, but, for crying out loud, it's grass!

So everyone wants the perfect green lawn. I can tell by the amount of time everyone is spending out there fooling around with the stuff. But to me it seems quite simple. General, casual observation will show you that cutting the grass real short every few days will cause it to turn brown and crispy, sometimes even disappearing all together. This causes a great "need" to water. Now, the glitch comes in a town like mine where we are facing a real water crisis, and watering is "strictly limited". Ha, Ha. So now what's a happy home owner to do?

Try walking the dog around the block.


Well, as I stroll--yup, stroll, I have a basset hound--I see some yards that by our lovely over achiever American standards are woefully taken care of. But yet, their grass is green and lush, albeit about 2 inches tall, green and healthy looking.

Just saying.

Maybe take a day or two off from the mower routine. Try watching a baseball game. I hear reading is good for the brain. How about talking with your family or maybe a board game?

If you really feel compelled to water, how about inviting all the kids on the block to play in the sprinkler while it waters your precious lawn? I know, kids running on the wet grass will damage it and soon you will have a yard full of mud. But, it will also be full of happy kids.

Then there's the whole weeds and chemicals issue. Don't even get me started. Do we seriously need to intentionally pour more toxic chemicals closer to our bodies? Aren't we getting enough in our air, water and food?


Guess if that perfect green carpet is the goal, you should be looking into some AstroTurf.

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