Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Title Problems

I'm not sure why I'm not able to title posts lately, but I'm guessing it's user error. I always have computer issues.

Around here it's been hot and rainy. That means The Little Mr.'s are playing inside. They go out for a short while, but then return to the air conditioning.

The crack up is what they've been playing for the last two days.

Ready for this?

They're playing school.

The only reason it's so funny is that we home school. Their ideas of what school is like are amusing. There has been lots of talk about teenagers, girl friends and dates. Hmm. I think it really means they've played with the neighbor girl a few too many times. Her big sisters are all college age or older.

The Littlest Mr. already has a thing for the girls. He was picking up a little girl yesterday at the skate park while the other Little Mr. was boarding.

Part of the time they were playing preschool. Also too funny. There was a lot of car driving and coloring.

Over all, a good few days, but I'm ready for the weather to change so they can be outside a bit more.

We did spend a great Sunday at grandma and grandpa's pool. Loads of fun and minimal sunburn. We're going to be doing another beach day this weekend, or at least that's the next official planned, lets meet some friends at the beach, beach day. Most of ours are a spur of the moment, hop in the van boys, lets hit the beach for an hour or two.

It's a good way to spend a summer.

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