Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Frenzy Time

You've heard the expression, "the calm before the storm"? Well, around here the weeks before school starts is anything but. It's the total opposite. It's more like the frenzy before the schedule!

We're all looking forward to getting back to the books and onto the schedule, even if we're only following it loosely. It's such a comfort for everyone to know what comes next on each day.

We're not there yet. These are the crazy last days of summer. We're trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can, and yet be ready to start school. We've been sorting the rooms and getting everything back in it's place. I've been going through the supplies and tracking the deliveries.

Happy news for all of us. The last of the new school books will come today. Everyone loves to get the next book. The kids are no exception.

I've also been challenged these days. I've had a few people comment to me that my written voice is different from who I am in person. I'm not so sure, but perhaps what you get here is a slower version of the real time thing. I'm thinking on the whole thing.

To answer other questions.

Yes. I simply sit down, type, hit spell check and post. I don't revise.

Yes. It would be interesting to see what I wrote if I did spend the effort to polish it up.

Yes. I do write with certain boundaries in place. I've never written any other way. I don't know what would be there if I didn't put some limitations in place. Another thing to think about.

General news. It's been a little fun around here. A friend came over and rearranged a bunch of my furniture. It looks fabulous! I'm so utterly stunned that she could take my old junk, rearrange it make it look so great. I'm thinking seriously about letting her at the rest of my house. She made it very grown up and pretty.

I have a neighbor with bad luck. All in a week, she's had a child break a bone, develop a peanut allergy, a nephew in the hospital and a grandma in the hospital. Crazy! She wants me to come over and get a light fixture. She even volunteered her husband to come over and put it up for me. Talk about nesting, and she's only half-way on baby number 3!!

Lego club has of course slipped my mind and my calendar. The Little Miss tried hard to knock out some teeth last week. The 4th Birth to Three coordinator has quit on us. The case worker is coming for a visit. The court paperwork still isn't done. We're not registered for swim lessons yet. And. The Mr. is on travel duty for the next month or so. Off and on all around the country for the next several weeks. Crazy!

So, all in all. I'm sticking with my assessment of it being the frenzy before the regularly scheduled programing!

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