Monday, August 6, 2007

Life In Our Galaxy

Summer sickness has hit our home. The Little Mr.'s came down with pink eye last week. I let it ride for a few days thinking it might clear up on it's own. No luck there, so in to the clinic we went. A perfect way to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon, cooped up in the little room with three kids and my friend Ms. K. sitting in the waiting room.

We capped that off with a trip to the pharmacy. Way too much fun. Later that night Ms. K. and I ditched the kids with The Mr. and went to the state fair. A much better way to spend an evening.

The weekend was filled with eye drops and whine. 2 per eye every four hours times four eyes. About 2 too many if you ask me. It was also one of those fabulous weather weekends. Unbearable hot, humid and rainy. Not great for sick kids. So, off went the Mr. to the movie mart.

We spent our weekend deeply engrossed in Star Wars. The kids have now seen them all and if you asked them, their lives are complete.

We woke this morning to find our Little Miss with a case of pink eye and The Littlest Mr. complaining of ear pain and a sore throat. Guess where I'll be spending today. A lovely repeat of Friday. Back to the clinic and pharmacy. Oh well, what can you do. Lucky for me, the movies are ours until Thursday.

Of course all this sickness changes schedules a bit, both nicely and not so. We'll cope. We always do.

And yes, I'm bouncing back from every one's departures. It's just like a summer scrape. It hurts like the dickens when you fall off, and then it stings like crazy when the air hits it after you wash it off, but then it scabs over and you move on. My friends are far from lost forever, they're simply on the other side of the country. In the end, not that big a deal.

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