Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sitting Still Is Doing Something

I am happily being toasted in Texas. It is one warm place. Today was actually quite nice. It was warm, but not overpowering. There was sunshine and a nice breeze. I spent some time walking around on the campus while Ms. K. was having some office hours.

I've also been working hard at not much. I've been reading, writing and sleeping. I'm eating all sorts of forbidden foods and having tea. It's our speciality, Ms. K. and I. We really find that there is nothing in life so wonderful as a pot of tea shared with a friend. Top it off with some good conversation and laughter and that's all there is. Who needs more?

Well, I meant that in a rhetorical sort of way, but now thinking about it, around here it seems that everyone needs more. Each person I meet wants to know all I've done and seen since I've arrived and all that I'm planning to do and see before I go. They really aren't sold on the idea that it is a pleasure trip for me to sit still, be quiet, read and write.

I mean, if you lived in my regular, everyday life, you'd be longing for some time to sit still and be quiet too. I've been sitting in some really beautiful places. Some as quiet and beautiful as a church, stained glass and all, and some just plain busy full of young students. Each has it's merit.

I'll be back in the thick of the regular days soon enough, so for now, I'm just going to rest and enjoy. Maybe I'll even do a few things just for those folks who want me to be doing!

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