Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life With Kids And Other Things

In yet another episode of Life With Kids, you know you live with them when you find the half done 50 states puzzle on the floor of the master bathroom and your first thoughts are; I'm glad they're learning something and I'll just step over it.

You know your kids are history junkies when there is an air craft carrier permanently docked in your shower and you simply step over it daily.

You know you have kids when you realize that you can get up from a dead sleep and do just about anything you need to do.

You realize that the most peaceful time of your day is between 3 and 4 A.M.

You can recite any children's book by memory and know when to turn the pages with your eyes shut.

Stickers are one of your main fashion accessories.

You let the kids pick the shampoo and then spend a month with your hair smelling like a giant green apple jolly rancher candy.

In other news, it was my wonderful sister who sent dinner to our house. We thank you tremendously. Not only was it dinner, I'm embarrassed to say it was also lunch and dinner today and will most likely be lunch tomorrow at the very least.

Tomorrow is our official anniversary. I had thought about scanning in some pictures from long ago, but as you've already read, I have kids, so that didn't happen. Anyway, tomorrow is our 16th anniversary, I count us in the 20's though because we dated for 6 years before we finally got around to getting married.

Little One gets these late night feedings and medications which leaves me watching late night reruns. I had forgotten how great old TV was. I watch so little TV I could be content for a long time on reruns. Will and Grace reminds me of Moonlighting. And what ever happened to China Beach? How about shows that remind you of other shows, like, doesn't Boston Legal remind you of Ally McBeal?

Watch the paper for my letter, it should run soon. It's not much. You're only allowed 200 words, and well, frankly, I'm wordy. Cutting down from my original draft of 600 was harder than I thought it would be. Plus, I was trying to make one of my tantrum rants about society short and to the point. I think the real issues is that I have a few too many opinions and as I get older, I'm having a harder time keeping them to myself.

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Karies place said...

ITA on the "You know you are a mom when". Those were good.