Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Plans

Thanks to technology, even though I'm not at the tae kwon do tournament with my boys, I'm getting the up dates. It seems that they will have a new experience this year. They may not be bringing home a big pile of trophies. In a way, as hard as it is, it's good. So far for them, the tournaments have been lots of feel good, most kids get trophies, experiences. Now, they are higher belts and due to life, we haven't been nearly as diligent at getting to practice. I'm hearing they aren't finishing in the top 3. Either way, I hope they're having a great time and are proud of themselves, because I'm real proud of them.

Around here, I'm home with the two babies. They are cooperating pretty well and I'm getting a few things done. That is wonderful as tonight is the black tie charity gala for St. Marcus school and it also means grandma and grandpa. They will stay over tonight and grandma will stay until Monday to help me out with the kids while I'm in court for Little Miss on Monday.

So far, a great Saturday. Dishes done, dinner in the crock pot. Laundry done, mostly. Somehow there is always more in the chute when I look and the clean stuff hardly gets folded and in the drawers before the dryer is full with another clean load. The toys are picked up, the trash is out. The floor has been swept. Again. Next, on to the basement to get the extra bed ready.

Soon enough, I'll be playing the get pretty game. Next year, I'm changing my plan. Two years in a row, I've picked out things to wear that are formal, but short sleeves and strapy shoes, mostly because that's what's out there, but the weather!! Two days ago it was prime time for wearing shorts, but the gala is hours away. Last year was high winds, rain and sleet. Seems that we'll have the same thing this year. Next year, I'll be on a quest for a Wisconsin winter friendly formal!

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