Thursday, December 11, 2008

Door Knobs & Christmas Lights

This is a two year old year in our house.

That means I leave most of my Christmas stuff in it's boxes in the basement. I always want to spend more of my holiday time--that chunk of time between Thanksgiving and New Years--just enjoying life and not yelling at the little ones to stop touching. I came to this after my first two year old Christmas when things got broken and I got bent out of shape over the things. It's not worth it. I just leave it in the boxes. There will be plenty of years without little ones to spend the season looking at all the pretties.

I've also come to discover that the more simple things are, the less greedy the kids become. Our holiday focus is on better things than all the toys on TV.

So our tree this year features lights. White lights and "glass" bead garland and any construction paper ornaments that get made in the next few days (and last through said 2 year old). Sometimes copy paper snowflakes appear or red and green paper chains.

Once in a while it gets filled up with action figures and other unusual things. Those I'm taking pictures of and will share shortly. You'll love the glow in the dark snake.

We crank up the holiday radio station and let it play day and night. We brew up peppermint tea and watch cartoon specials on TV. We hang out in front of the fireplace with our blankets. We read The Christmas Story.

Thanks to Amazon, we also just learned that Santa really looks a lot like a US Postal Worker. The imaginations these kids have.

Maybe tomorrow I'll come to tell you how I've been locked out of my own bedroom and the dog's been locked in. It certainly explains where the door knobs went!


Karies place said...

LOL on the doorknobs.

Joshua S. Blair said...

i will send you something so you can post...