Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's The Day

The day I must finish the shopping!

I'm always a bit of a last minute, late in the game shopper and the weather this year isn't helping me. Quite a few of my shopping trips have been thwarted by icky icy freezing stupid cold Wisconsin winter. Considering winter only began last night, it is a bit insane.

Anyway, done whining. I'm actually in a great mood and looking forward to my shopping afternoon and evening. I'm also hoping I'll be having my last dental check up with my surgeon. I'm quite pleased with how he rebuilt my face and the new teeth are pretty great. It's been a year now and all seems well. I count myself blessed by medical technology.

I'm happy to do the shopping this time because I have actual lists with real ideas. I won't be just wandering in hell, I mean the mall. Lists and ideas can be fabulous things.

The dog is recovering very well and bed rest is almost over. Happy times for all of us. Although, it is really hard to tell when a basset hound is on bed rest, it looks about the same as regular life for her.

Last, I'd like to ask you to pray for one of my friends. She's in a really hard stretch of life, she is being stretched in ways she never expected and in a way I think her heart is breaking. Pray for peace for her and mercy in her situation.

I know this is an all over the place post today, but there is lots of excitement in the house from all the little people. It makes it a little hard to concentrate or keep a single thought going in the brain.

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